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Find out how our travel club membership can offer such low rates. With more than 300,000 members, we have the leverage to negotiate the lowest rates! In exchange, the resorts require that we NOT publically advertise just how low their rates can really be.

Our Club Membership provides access to 5000 high-end international destinations world-wide including 4 and 5 Star All-Inclusive Luxury Resorts, and luxury, once in a lifetime, cruises. We offer the best airfare and car rental rates available as well. From "inexpensive" to over the top, our inventory is diverse, exciting and always surprising.

Our goal is to provide a vast array of travel options that run the gamut. From those "hard to believe" how low the nightly rate is to an upper tier luxury vacation at prices significantly below those offered inside those online retail sites or travel agencies. The beauty of our club is the flexibility of options designed to satisfy all budgets, lifestyles and occassions.

So how does The Royale Travel Club consistently beat the pricing of Expedia (and other websites like Travelocity)? Those popular travel websites are a "pay-to-play" model for the resorts. And the MORE the resorts pay, the more prominently they are displayed on the public sites like Priceline and Expedia. The Royale Travel Club pricing is NOT available to the public. We are a private club. We don't charge the resorts to be displayed. We hand-pick our inventory and then negotiate the BEST RATES for our members. As a result, resorts and accomodations are able to charge a fraction of the cost to our private club membership.

Many of our members are stunned when they see the vacations that our members enjoy at a fraction of what others pay.

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What does all mean? In 2015 alone, consumers spent over **$6.67 billion on travel through Expedia alone. Yes, that's nearly 7 billion dollars! So how is The Royale Travel Club different? We DO NOT charge resorts to "advertise or promote" to our 300,000 avid-travel members so our rates remain incredibly low.

This is why we remain a private closed club group with log-in credentials required to access the membership. It's no surprise that Royale Travel is considered one of the absolute best travel club memberships. We offer unbeatable travel deals and the lowest hotel rates. And that is our guarantee.


Enjoy 'Below Public Best Rates' for a Lifetime of Memories.

Gain access to 1,000's of resorts & top destinations at low "private club" rates.

At The Royale Travel Club, curating exceptional experiences for our members is what we do. From world-class hotels to luxury resorts and villas, from cruising on oceans and rivers to helping you create a complicated custom dream excursion. We pay attention to every detail so you don't need to. Have any questions or a special request? Just ask us >

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**Please contact membership » if you prefer to join with 2 or 3 installments to access the full membership immediately after bank receipt. Our 99-Year LIFETIME Membership requires a One-Time Initiation fee of $4,995 with an annual concierge services renewal of $250. We understand that life's circumstances can change. Yes, your membership is easily transferred to someone of your choice.


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