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What if there is a date specific piece of inventory on the website,

Can I change the date to the dates I wish to vacation?

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We are a word of mouth vacation club membership with 300,000 members saving up to 90% off of Travelocity and Expedia pricing. Our club does not incur the six figure advertising costs of the vacation Giant Portals. Those savings are passed on to our members. Our club was established 30 years ago! We have been offering accommodation and vacation services to the general public, for more than 30 years. Founded in 1986 our membership was initially designed to meet the needs of corporate clients. Compare our club to time shares »

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Royale Travel Club is an authorized reseller of one of the largest Vacation Club Memberships in the world, which has been satisfying members since 1986. With 40 reps around the world, we can answer your questions in English, French, Spanish, and Dutch. This is a legitimate membership offering. Our club travel provider is a reputable travel industry leader with over 300,000 members over the past 30 years.